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Ethiopia Harrar

Ethiopia Harrar





Ethically Traded for Trade Aid and Organic - 100% Arabica

Co-Op – Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union… read more

Rich complex flavour and full bodied. This is a naturally sweet coffee with notes of blueberry, apricot and chocolate. This single Origin makes a sweet, smooth long black. From the eastern highlands region of Ethiopia, this is one of the most distinguished coffees of the world.

Roasters Notes – Medium to light roast to preserve the natural fruit sweetness…. read more

In the arid coffee-growing region of Harrar, coffee is not processed using water for fermentation and rinsing as is the case in most of the world's coffee lands. There just isn't enough water. Instead, coffee cherries are dried in full sun inside their husks. The husks are then removed with the aid of traditional mortars and pestles.


Ethiopia Harrar