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Mexico Chiapas

Mexico Chiapas




Ethically Traded for Trade Aid and Organic - 100% Arabica

Co-Op – ISMAM Indigenas de la Sierra Madre de Motozintla… read more

This is a mild, smooth coffee with notes of hazelnut and cocoa with a bright, clean finish.

Grown in the mountains of the southern region of Mexico bordering Guatemala.

Roasters Notes – Roasted to a medium profile, this green bean has great natural balance of sweetness and acidity….read more

Sorting coffee cherries, ISMAM, Mexico                 Submitted by Justin Purser on Thu, 04/06/2009 - 11:34

Once coffee cherries have been picked, but before they are pulped, any green (unripe) cherries that have been removed from the trees are sorted and removed from the pile to ensure that only the ripe beans get processed.



Mexico Chiapas