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Colombia Sierra Navada

Colombia Sierra Navada

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Single origin


100% Arabica Beans
100% organic, fair trade
Very strong dark flavour, with hints of cocoa and vanilla. This is a full bodied coffee with a dark roasted, developed flavour.

Enjoy Single origin coffee for the purity and high quality. Unblended coffee tells a story about its origin through its flavour.

Choose this if you love the flavour of espresso but only have a plunger.


Roasters Notes – Roasted medium to dark to enhance this beans dark chocolate characteristics…. read more


From the Colombian grower:

Co-Op - ANEI - Asociacion de Productores Agroecologicos Indigenas y Campesinos de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta... read more

Gunchigwey Torres, member of ANEI since 2006
Submitted by Justin Purser on Thu, 21/07/2011 - 14:09

“If I sell my coffee to the coyotes I don’t get any other benefit than in the moment I sell my coffee to them. As a member of ANEI, I can also gain extra benefits for my community.”

“I’ve had some financial help from ANEI which has allowed me to improve my coffee production. I used to have a small wooden box in which to wash and ferment my coffee. I’d often have to pulp my coffee, and then put it into bags until more space would become available and I could start it fermenting properly. My coffee quality has definitely improved as a result.”

“With the time I now save processing my coffee, I can pay more attention to ensuring that my coffee dries properly, and can do more work on the rest of my farm.”

“We’ve had other benefits through ANEI, including the piping of water to the local school. We’ve also started a chicken farm, to provide eggs and meat for the community.”