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A great cup of coffee is the recipe for success for any cafe business.

We roast coffee for our own cafes but also supply fresh beans to many other cafes and offices around New Zealand. If you are looking for a new coffee supplier you need to choose a company with varied expertise and a coffee brand that holds the same values as you. To find out more about us and our values, click here.

We understand what it takes to establish and operate a successful cafe, because we've been through it all ourselves. And we appreciate the demands on a cafe owner so we will work with you to create an individual partnership that works for both of us.

When you choose to partner with The Bay Espresso Coffee Company as your coffee supplier you know you are dealing with a small Hawkes Bay team of people who are passionate and dedicated to making great coffee. We are local through and through, so we’re close buy and can come to help when you need us.

We choose to roast only certified organic and ethically traded coffees - coffee that tastes good and also feels good to make.

We can help you with:

 - Work flow and coffee set up design
 - Full range of coffee machinery, grinders, cups and equipment
 - Full initial training so you are always making the best cup of coffee
 - Ongoing training to ensure new staff are kept up to speed