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At Bay Espresso we choose to only roast organic green beans.

We believe that we all have the ability to make change through our spending habits. Buying only organically grown coffee is our way to promote social justice and a healthier global environment.
The use of toxic chemicals in non-organic coffee farming is not only hazardous to the workers and their families, but also to the environment that they rely on to sustain themselves. The use of harmful chemicals on coffee crops can have a direct impact on their quality of life.

Their land should provide them with food for their families, water for drinking and a playground for their children. Huge corporations, wanting to buy the cheapest coffee, to make the biggest profits, have encouraged deforestation, soil erosion and habitat loss.

To gain organic status, and therefore a higher price for their green beans, farmers must grow coffee in a sustainable way with multi-layered crops and under the existing natural tree canopy. This organic style of farming encourages wildlife, insects and a healthier crop. It requires less irrigation and conserves water.

Why would we buy anything else?



Our green bean supplier is committed to the Fair Trade principles of coffee supply. These principles support a better life for farming families through fair prices, community development and environmental education.

Receiving a fair price for their harvest allows these farmers to invest in their families' health care and education, reinvest in quality and protect the environment. This empowerment model lifts farming families from poverty through trade, not aid, creating a more equitable and sustainable model of international trade that benefits producers, consumers and the environment.

Premiums earned on fair trade sales through our Importer have already funded improvements to schools, construction of mills, provision of water pumps, and construction of health clinics with our trading partners.

Chris Willis (Head Roaster) and Chris Jarvis (owner) have both travelled to source with our Importer to witness the trade deals, meet the growers and see the benefits of these Fair Trade principles.