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Ethically Traded Coffee from Trade Aid

What is Ethically Traded Coffee?

At Bay Espresso we only buy certified organic green beans from Trade Aid. Trade Aid is a not for profit organisation made up of several parts including retailer, importer, wholesaler and development agency. All of these parts form what they call the Trade Aid Movement that has its focus firmly on the welfare of its trading partnersread more about Trade Aid...

Although world consumption is growing, and the value of the coffee trade makes it the world’s second most valuable commodity after oil, many of the world’s 25 million coffee growers face immense hardship.

Trade, unfortunately, isn't fair. Many coffee growers receive only a fraction of the value of their coffee.

Ethically traded coffee is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in coffee growing countries. The injustices of conventional trade in the coffee world which traditionally have discriminated against the poorest, weakest farmers are addressed.

Ethically traded coffees are produced by coffee farmers who belong to democratically run cooperatives. Contracts are set up directly between the coffee growing cooperatives and the international buyers. This is cutting out all the middle men so the direct profit goes back to the cooperative. Facilitators help the farmers to decide how to best spend their profits and make sure the money is put back into the communities to build schools for the children and generally raise the standard of living.

This enables the poorest of farmers to take control of their lives. The contracts are set up while the beans are still growing so the cooperatives have a guaranteed buyer and a set price at the end of their harvest. This helps the farmers to plan a future and develop independence.

At Bay Espresso we think that's fair enough. Look at Ethiopia for example. They are one of largest arabica green bean coffee producers in the world, yet still one of the poorest third world countries. These farmers have been exploited by huge multi national corporations who control the world coffee price.

We know we're small and we only have a small voice but whatever influence we can have over a market big or small we try and offer you the fairest coffee we can source. So you know the coffee you drink tastes good and feels a whole lot better!