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Roasters Notes

Café Blend



A versatile coffee that pours a sweet, fruity espresso. A blend of Colombian, Ethiopian and Sumatran coffee. I makes a rich long black and stands up well to milk based coffees. We built our café brand around this brew.


Dark & Divine



This is a blend of Ethiopian, guatamala and Colombian coffees that has been roasted to the second crack. This reduces the acidity to create a very full bodied blend with rich caramelized sugars. Providing dark chocolate notes with a full mouth feel


Adam & Eva’s Gardan of Eatan Blend 



Medium/light roast profile that offers a clean finish, god acidity and gentle sweetness. Roasting lighter allows individual region characteristics to shine through.


Ethiopia Harrar



This origin has a medium to light roast profile to preserve the natural fruit sweetness and complex character of this bean.


Roasted quickly through first crack to impart some caramelisation.


Colombia Sierra Navada


Roasted medium-dark to enhance this beans dark chocolate characteristics.


High charge-in temperature and roasted aggressively to keep some natural acidity. This helps balance the creamy full bodied Colombian and impart a slight smokiness.


Mexico Chiapas 



Roasted to a medium profile, this green bean has great natural balance of sweetness and acidity.


Roasted gently to preserve this balance and allow the hazelnut and cocoa characteristics to shine through.